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💅🏼Set of 20 Hand painted Nails in your chosen shape in the design theme pictured.

💅🏼Nails are painted with high quality, professional only gel polish which is vegan and cruelty free.

💅🏼Nails are created with Gel Tips not thin plastic, nothing like your standard ‘Primani’ Pressons.

💅🏼Nails are presented in clear packaging with a selection of prep tools including: nail prep instructions, 2 x sets of nail adhesive tabs, cuticle stick, file, buffer and 2 x prep wipes.

**Despite my best efforts as these are handmade the designs may vary slightly**


Are they reusable?

Yes! If worn with the nail adhesive tabs included they are entirely reusable.

However you can use nail glue for longer wear.


How do I know what size to order?

You don't need to! As these come in a set of 20pcs youll have two of every size meaning you should be able to get a great fit without the hassle of measuring and sending me your sizes.

Croc Print Bloom Design Press On/Reusable Nails

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