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Check out the Treatments offered below

Unsure what your after or have more questions? Book a FREE consultation where we can assess and come up with a  treatment tailored to you!

Sculpted Nail Extensions

Sculpted Nail Extensions

Elim Medi Heel Pedi

Luxury Elim Pedicure

B.I.A.B Strengthing Overlay

 BIAB™ / Strengthening Overlay

Lash Filler

Lash Filler

(Lift & Tint with a BOOST!)

Gel Polish

Gel Polish

Eyelash Extensions

Bespoke Lash Extensions

What's your Nail Goals?

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Growth Journey

"I want to grow my nails"

Struggle to grow your nails?
Are your nails prone to splitting and breaking once you grow them out?
Need to strengthen your Natural Nails?
Want to be able to remove yourself at home if needed?
B.I.A.B/ Strengthening Overlay is the choice for you!
Builder In A Bottle™ aka BIAB™ is my most loved and chosen treatment option.
A soak off builder gel which is a true multi-tasker - strong enough to withhold the daily grind but flexible enough not to crack under pressure!
Available in a choice of over 16 Colours it is guaranteed to help your nails look great and you feel amazing! 

Alternatively top it with a choice from over 170 Gel Polish Colours!

"I don't want to wait for my nails to grow, I want INSTANT Length!"

Do you want to add length to your nails?
Sculpted Extensions mean you can have gorgeous length, custom shaped to your natural nails!
Nail Biter? No Problem! As these are customised to your nail beds you too can have gorgeous long nails!
Square, Squoval, Almond, Coffin, Stiletto? Shapes to suit every hand and length!

Can be created with either Acrylic or Hard Gel, I will help you choose the best product, style and length based on your lifestyle and needs.


" I want stand out nail art and a customised set just for me!"

Fed up with lack of choice in colours?

I've got over 170! (and can custom mix colours just for you!)

Wish you could have more Nail Art?

I can offer 1000's of Nail art options! Nail Arts my speciality! 

Need a themed set for a special occasion?

I've done many themed sets from Princesses, Film Inspired, Sport and Business Promotional.

(I've even done a Bride's Nails with Cow Print!)

 And even better? Many designs are super speedy so your not waiting for 3hours for some ice cream cones or abstract flowers!

Nail Art
Long Extensions
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