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Convenient 4ml pens are perfect for on-the-go cuticle care.  These cuticle oils are vegan, nut free, palm oil free, cruelty free, and made in the UK.

Key ingredients:
Wheatgerm Oil - contains vitamin A & D which helps cracked and dehydrated skin
Jojoba - Highly moisturising and healing

Grapeseed oil - High in vitamin E, nourishing and has anti ageing properties


Scents include;

Pumpkin Pecan Pie - Rich, warm aromas of pumpkin and freshly baked pecan pie, perfect for a cozy autumn evening!

Snow Berry - Feel berry berry fresh with this Snow Berry scented cuticle oil! It's a perfect pick-me-up on those days when you're feeling a bit frosty - blended with the sweet scent of winter cranberries it will leave you feeling cool and confident.

One in a Million - a luxury fragrance inspired scent featuring notes of sandlewood, leather spice and cinnamon. 

Cactus & Seasalt - a fresh scent of sea salt and musk

Cherry Cola - fizzy cola with a hint of cherry

Pear Drops - a sweet uk sweet inspires scent think sweet pear with a tart note.

Maldives - a warm exotic scent of bergamont and amber with hints of coconut.
Mango Daquiri - think sweet tropical mango cocktails

Sugar Fairy - a delicate mix of bubblegum, candyfloss, musk, and vanilla

Raspberry Lemonade - the one that smells 'fizzy' and super fruity.

Coco Loco - refreshing mix of coconut and lime inspired by the Caribbean

Brazillian Booty - unmistakable warm salted caramel scent with sweet tropical notes inspired by the Carnivals of Rio. 

Banana Hammock - sweet foamy banana scent


Each Cuticle Oil is £8

Cuticle Oil Pens

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