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💅🏼You choose the shape and I choose the rest! This is a discounted set of 20nails as a 'mystery mani' where I get entire creative control! Just leave me a note in checkout of anything you really don't want to see.

💅🏼Nails are painted with high quality, professional only gel polish which is vegan and cruelty free.

💅🏼Nails are created with Gel Tips not thin plastic, nothing like your standard ‘Primani’ Pressons.

💅🏼Nails are presented in clear packaging with a selection of prep tools including: nail prep instructions, 2 x sets of nail adhesive tabs, cuticle stick, file, buffer and 2 x prep wipes.


Are they reusable? 

Yes! If worn with the nail adhesive tabs included they are entirely reusable. 

However you can use nail glue for longer wear.


Mystery Mani Press On Nails. Hand Painted Reusable Gel Nails.

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